Price Index

Price index tools are very useful for both beginner and experienced farmers, offering price guidance/stabilization over the course of a growing season. Our farmers use it for crop planning, accurate organic pricing, and adapting your pricing for seasonal fluctuations and the impacts of diseases and adverse weather.

The NOFA-NY Price Index:

  • updates instantaneously when data is added
  • is specific to New York State Certified Organic and Farmer's PledgeTM farmers
  • includes regional data within New York state for improved market comparisons

The NOFA-NY Price Index information is farmer/producer generated. If you’re NOFA-NY Certified Organic, or a Farmer's Pledge farm, click here to get started. After you enter your data, the Price Index will update immediately, giving you the minimum, maximum, and median price for the selected products. You'll also have the ability to select specific date ranges and track seasonal price fluctuations. The more farmers enter data into the Index, the more robust the Index becomes for everyone! We encourage you to get started and help us build a strong tool for you and your fellow farmers.

Organic Farmer and Gardener Resource Guide

The Organic Farmer and Gardener Resource Guide helps certified organic farmers—as well as gardeners and homesteaders interested in organic production practices—find resources that support organic and sustainable growing. These include equipment, supplies, resources, and other helpful organizations.

On-Farm Skills Development Guide           

The On-Farm Skills Development Guide is a tool that farmers and mentors can use with employees, beginning farmers or anyone they are teaching to develop a hands-on farm based learning plan for the employee or trainee.  It can also be used by a beginning farmer as a self-assessment tool to determine current strengths, weaknesses and identify critical learning needs.

Click here to view an online version of the guide.

Click here to download an Excel version of the guide. 

Advanced Growers Enterprise Budget Worksheets

The Advanced Grower Enterprise Budget Worksheets is a self-assessment marketing tool that allows new growers to customize their own marketing plan.  This project was supported through the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.

 Social Media Strategy

Social media can be a great way for farmers to interact with customers. There are many benefits to using social media for your business, from customer service to marketing and advertising.

Click here to view an in-depth, informative video on social media best practices. 

Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act will affect many farmers and food processors. Please visit this page to read a helpful FAQ from the National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition. 

The Organic Dairy Handbook

This handbook provides transitioning and newly transitioned farmers with the information needed to reduce the risks associated with transitioning to organic management. It covers all aspects of organic dairy including two major risk sources: the management of herd health and the development of organic feed diets that are both affordable and able to maintain high quality milk production. This tool will be a complete survey of proven strategies for all aspects of organic dairy management.

Download your copy here.