Fact Sheets

Here you will find helpful factsheets about different farming and farm management topics. Click on the topic you are interested in to view the factsheets. 

Business of Farming

The On-Farm Skills Development Guide is a tool that farmers and mentors can use with employees, beginning farmers or anyone they are teaching to develop a hands-on farm based learning plan for the employee or trainee.  It can also be used by a beginning farmer as a self-assessment tool to determine current strengths, weaknesses and identify critical learning needs.

Click here to view the guide or click here to download a copy of the guide.

 Price index tools are very useful for both beginner and experienced farmers, offering price guidance/stabilization over the course of a growing season. Our farmers use it for crop planning, accurate organic pricing, and adapting your pricing for seasonal fluctuations and the impacts of diseases and adverse weather.

The NOFA-NY Price Index:

  • updates instantaneously when data is added
  • is specific to New York State Certified Organic and Farmer's PledgeTM farmers
  • includes regional data within New York state for improved market comparisons

The NOFA-NY Price Index information is farmer/producer generated. If you’re NOFA-NY Certified Organic, or a Farmer's Pledge farm, click here to get started.

Climate Change, Soil Health and Carbon Farming

Much discussion in scientific and governmental circles has focused on how to deal with greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting weather extremes they have created. 

Most analysts believe we must stop burning fossil fuels to prevent further increases in atmospheric carbon. We must also find ways to remove carbon already in the air if we want to lessen further weather crises and the associated human tragedies, economic disruption and social conflict that they bring.

But where can we put that carbon once it is removed from the air? There is only one practical approach -- to put it back where it belongs, in the soil. Fortunately, this is not an expensive process. But it will take large numbers of people agreeing to participate.

Since few people will change what they are doing without compelling reasons and models, we have written this short paper. Within you will find explanations for the problems of carbon dioxide buildup and climate change, details on how carbon can be taken out of the atmosphere and restored to the soil, as well as the advantages that can come to farmers and consumers from growing in carbon-rich oils.

Whether you are a farmer, garden, consumer or politician, find out what you can do to restore carbon to the soil and slow down climate change.

For More Information, read NOFA-Mass’s Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job? Booklet

Download the Soil Carbon Restoration Brochure.