Beginning Farmers

This page is a hub for aspiring and new farmers. Perhaps you're exploring farming as a career option—either as a first or second career. Or you may already be engaged in farming as a farm worker, owner, or one who wants to further develop their skills and farm operations. See what we have for you:

  • Classifieds looking for on-farm work, apprenticeships, equipment, or land? Check out our classifieds.
  • On-farm Skills Development Guide – wondering where you stand with your learning goals, or looking to help your farm workers develop their skills? Use this on-farm skills development guide to help identify strengths and areas needing some work, and develop a plan to gain the skills you need.
  • Technical assistance call our farming experts with your questions, send us an email, or check our video and document libraries for answers to your farming questions.
  • Educational Events check out our News and Events page to find the latest in educational programming.
  • What does organic mean read up on our highlights of the basic requirements to become certified organic. For full information on organic certification, go to the Certification section of our website.
  • Farmer’s Pledge™ if you are seeking a way to tell your customers about your commitment to principles of healthy food, strong local economies, fair working conditions and wages, the humane treatment of animals, and care of the land, check out our Farmer’s Pledge program.