Food & Farm Guide

Healthy soils. Healthy water. Healthy ecosystems. Healthy animals. Healthy people. 

We strive to provide consumers with the tools they need to support local, organic farmers. Our Food and Farm Directory is a handy resource to find your local, organic farmers and processors, no matter where in New York FoodGuide2017 Website sRGB 051917 Page 01State you live.  Updated annually to feature 800+ organic and sustainable operations statewide, it’s the most complete resource for finding delicious, fresh, healthy food within your region.


Included are our farmers certified by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC,  as well as those who take The Farmer’s Pledge.™ Please use this online directory  to find your local farms, buy organic food, eat seasonally, and get to know the people who work tirelessly to make it all happen.


Prefer print? Once a year we send a copy of the Food and Farm Guide to all our members. Click here to see this year’s guide, or join NOFA-NY and let us know you’d like to receive your own copy today.


 For more information about organic food, visit our Consumers and Supporters page. To learn more about policy and advocacy, please visit the Policy page.